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Chaudhry’s has over time since opening evolved from just an Asian buffet restaurant to appetite for all. As our client’s tell us that family and friends in a single house hold or group want different types of cuisine and thus it is difficult for those family and friends host, to dine and party in one place where everyone can enjoy what they like.

 Our venue solves this rather prestigiously.  Being an over 300 seated restaurant rest assured that your party size and your party guest from young children to adults and the elderly will all be satisfied.

Traditional and Authentic

Pakistani and Indian dishes

At Chaudhry’s our award winning chefs champion on the stage when it comes to the cuisines from the Indian subcontinent including Punjabi, Pakistani, Indian, and Bangladeshi and Afghani food. The founders of the restaurant originate from this part of the world and it is no wonder our food reflects our unique cooking style.  The right blend of herbs and spices reflects the rich culture and the royal foundation of our name Chaudhry’s. Foods in this area of the world are flavoured with various types of chilli, black pepper, cloves, and other strong herbs and spices and often with flavoured butter and ghee. Turmeric and cumin are often used to make curries. Tradition dishes range from seekh kebab, tandoori chicken, samosas, pakora, masala fish to biryani, karahi, nihari, haleem and paya. One can truly experience the desi style by paying us a visit and pampering the taste buds to extreme and taste a bit of everything with our freshly selection of Naan breads. Don’t forget to finish off with doodh patthi (desi tea).

It can be agreed that London the capital of England has evolved to be the most diversified city in the world when it comes to food. Hence given our location it is no surprise that Chaudhry’s has broken boundaries and catered to the local community ranging from English food like fish n chips, Turkish food like doner kebabs, Somalian food like sokhaar, afghan food like chapli kebab and Kabuli pilau and American food like cheeseburgers with fries.  So even if you’re a group of dual or even multi heritage you are sure to fill up and feel well worth it.

Local Community Food
The World of Grill Food

Food Selection

Grill Food is very famous among all types of eating lifestyles. It is why here at Chaudhyrs we have mastered the art of serving delicious grill food. At Chaudhyrs we have endorsed a careful selection of grill food from the tandoori grilling of India, the Peri Peri grilling of South Africa to doner of Turkey and churrasco bbq of Brazil. If cutting down on fats is your motto then head for us and let yourself be spoilt for choice.

Dessert presence on the menu makes us feel satisfied and we must say our Bar takes centre stage for this. After a meal, it is only fair if you compensate with a dessert or hot drink. The desire to improve your mood by ingesting fanatically tasty desserts can also be a factor.  Here at Chaudhry’s we licence you to try all and find that dessert that after consuming your brain can release that hormone which makes you feel happy.

Since our menu is not limited to a single cuisine, we have followed the same trends by offering you various drink options.

So what are you waiting for come and sip away our signature drinks to enhance your dining experience!

Desserts & Drinks


Oriental Cuisine

At Chaudhry’s we recognise the influence of Oriental cuisine as one of the most popular culinary heritage in the world.  Our Oriental chefs take great pride in cooking traditional Oriental dishes by focusing on three main aspects appearance, aroma and most importantly taste. Traditional dishes range from pawn crackers, dim sim, spring rolls to soups, Manchurian, stir-fried rice and Singapore noodles.  Come and join us to see if our chef can stimulate your taste buds. If you are coming as a family then make sure your children indulge in our mouth-watering appetizers.